I must have missed the memo…

The fall fashion season calls for mud spattered, camo patterned, cargo pants coupled with orange vests…

We are not hunters but somehow after our “long and winding road adventure” yesterday, we managed to end up in “hunter central” smack in the middle of hunting season.

We’re staying at the Grant County Fairgrounds RV Park in John Day Oregon.

Our neighbors are a multigenerational family of men who are here to hunt. The patriarch is 70 plus, years old and questioning the wisdom of the trip. It seems they have one tag for a spot 100 miles away and another for 80 miles away in the opposite direction. This means they have to get up well before dawn to get to their location.  

The whole thing sounds nuts to me!

This RV park is part of the fairgrounds.

Some reviews warned of animals coming and going for rodeos, 4H club events and the like (which would have been fine by me) but sitting here the last week of October, it’s cloudy and peaceful and gorgeous. There are only about 5 or 6 rigs here.

The fairgrounds are not very big.

This is a view looking to the right toward the entrance to the RV Park from our spot. There are a few buildings behind the barn and that’s where the office is.

This is a view looking left from our spot. There are multiple empty places for RV’s directly across from us, I can imagine that it could be crowded during the popular season.

The rodeo arena sits at the end of this road on the right side. I was thrilled that there were horses in the stalls.  I miss my own!

The absolute best thing about this park is the nature trail directly behind us.

On the other side of these bushes is the John Day River. We went for a walk but I forgot to bring my camera. I’m not sure how far it goes but it we followed it into the suburbs where a road bridge crosses it.

It’s a beautiful walk right along the river in both directions.

We stayed close to home today and ventured out only for our walk and food.

There aren’t a lot of choices for dinner so we settled on The Outpost Pizza Pub and Grill.  It’s an interesting place. I believe the proprietors are set on getting every last tourist dollar, any way they can. The front is a boutique full of cutsie decor items, the back is a pub, and the side is a dining room. They serve everything from pizza  to burgers to breakfast to sirloin steak.

Jeff chose the pizza I chose the steak. They waitress was nice, Jeff’s pizza was huge and looked delicious but my steak was the smallest steak I’ve ever seen in my life. It seriously was the size of cracker. The rest of plate was taken over by a giant mountain of rice and some steamed vegetables arranged as though they were trying to draw attention away from the size of the steak. The flavor was ok but it was also pretty tough.  I don’t think I’ll rate this place very high on my list of fine eateries!

All in all a nice quiet day of recovery, tomorrow the road to adventure calls again…



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