I’m Karen Deputy and this is my blog.

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My husband Jeff and I live in Southern California where we own a small ranch called The Art Farm.

Our ranch is filled with animals of all kinds and we have a free feeder out front where children come to feed the animals. 

A few of the gang.


We’ve always loved to travel and take road trips.

When we do travel we love to find abandoned places, mines, ghost towns and Roadside America. The quirkier the better.  We also spend a lot of time 4-wheeling in our jeep.

We especially like finding “The Old Road” the road that existed before the new road was built, wherever that might be. 

We also love to find  the “Hidden Gems,” the things you weren’t looking for but found anyway.

It was always our dream to buy an RV when we retired .

In 2015 Jeff finally sold the electrical contracting business that we owned for over 20 years and suddenly we found ourselves with the freedom to go where we want and do what we want.

So…we bought the RV!

A Jayco Greyhawk with custom interior and all the bells and whistles. It will be our place to come home to after a day of exploring and we’ll tow our Jeep for those hard to get places.

Let the adventure begin!

(Update #2) Two years into RV travel and we’ve cut some ties at home. The ranch animals were donated to a therapeutic animal farm and lots of belongings have been donated as well. The load has been lightened and it’s given us more freedom to travel for longer periods of time.

During our trips we’ve developed a rhythm that works for us. Drive no more than 300 miles a day, stop at a small, out of the way, quiet, RV park with full hookups, spend 3 days to a week exploring a 50 mile or more radius, spend a day or two for rest, pack up, move on and do it again! Traveling in this way has enabled us to see a good portion of the US and we’ve enjoyed many different experiences. Traveling this way also means I have limited time to write so my posts may be sporadic. Sorry!

If I had to give any advice to anyone who is thinking of travel, in any form, it would be this: Leave the hotel, leave the park, leave the shops, take a backroad, talk to the locals.  This country was founded on the backs of ordinary people who gave their all, some by the sweat of their brow, some by blood, but regardless, the USA is a great and beautiful country and everyone should see it, REALLY see it.

I’ve tried to make this blog user friendly for those of you who would like to get ideas on places to see and stay. It can be searched by state, topic or by map. The map is marked with RV parks and activities, all things I’ve mentioned in blogs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We’ve been to multiple places I haven’t even written about yet!

See you on the road!



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